Heart Heroes – Adele

I’ve been listening to a lot of Adele lately.  Her voice is beautiful and strong, her lyrics honest, and I get wrapped up in it anytime I listen.  I didn’t watch the grammys, but it made my heart happy that she won six of them.  After watching her interview on 60 Minutes, I definitely had to add her to my list of heart heroes.  Anderson Cooper gets into a little of the bullshit and drama that media always get into (overhyping small details), but some favorite quotes:

“I wanted to be a singer forever, but it’s not really my cup of tea having the whole world know who you are.”

“It was for myself…It was about trying to convince myself that I will meet someone else and I will be happy.” (about why she wrote Someone Like You)

“[My nerves] have gotten worse as I’ve become more successful. Just because I think there’s a bit more pressure and people are expecting a bit more from me.” “So what’s that fear?” “That I’m not going to deliver… that people aren’t going to enjoy it. That I’ll ruin their love for my songs by doing them live.”

What inspires me most about her, is despite her fears that she mentions, she just keeps moving forward.  She also seems very much at ease with herself, and confident in being that person.  Oh one day, how I hope I can do that with ease.

Adele Grammys 2012 - Via Allure