Cheers to 2012

It always takes me a few days after the new year to actually catch up to the fact that we’re in a new year.  I need a few days transition, to do some journaling, figure out what matters, and think about what I’d like to see in the year ahead.

This year I found a great workbook that helped me think through a lot of these things, thanks to Susannah Conway.  (I’ve always admired her truthful writing, and hope to write half as well someday. But that’s a whole other story.) Any who her workbook helped me get to my word for the year… FULFILLED. That’s my word.  My one word to ground me and carry me through what I’d like to see for the year ahead.

It’s all tied into living with a more open heart. Which truth be told I haven’t been practicing all to well lately either. But I hope to do much more more of it.  I looked into the definition of the word. I love that words can have multiple meanings, and especially love seeing how they change over time. This one word can mean to fill, to put into effect, to bring to an end, to develop the full potential of, and to convert into reality. The more I learned, the more sure I was that this theme is the best one for my year ahead.

What does fulfilled mean for me this year?

Bringing to an end those things that I’ve grown out of or would like to let go of.  Big things like perfectionism, procrastination, and smaller things too like overindulging in food, wine, and TV.

Developing the full potential of living with an open heart. Experimenting with what this means each and every day and reporting back here.

Converting my dreams into a reality.  Believing in myself enough to take small steps towards realizing my dreams. Becoming a full time writer, publishing a book, working for myself, traveling more…Thankfully there are lots of dreams to choose from.

I think this will be a good start for now, anyway.