Heart Heroes: Find Your Inner Two Year Old

I think we should all tap into our inner two year old a little more often…  Just watch and I think you’ll agree.  Look at his face – you know he’s totally thinking “it’s go time.”

Seriously though. It feels really good to say screw it every once in a while and dance the jive no matter who’s watching.

I found this little gem thanks to Roots of She.

Heart Heroes – Adele

I’ve been listening to a lot of Adele lately.  Her voice is beautiful and strong, her lyrics honest, and I get wrapped up in it anytime I listen.  I didn’t watch the grammys, but it made my heart happy that she won six of them.  After watching her interview on 60 Minutes, I definitely had to add her to my list of heart heroes.  Anderson Cooper gets into a little of the bullshit and drama that media always get into (overhyping small details), but some favorite quotes:

“I wanted to be a singer forever, but it’s not really my cup of tea having the whole world know who you are.”

“It was for myself…It was about trying to convince myself that I will meet someone else and I will be happy.” (about why she wrote Someone Like You)

“[My nerves] have gotten worse as I’ve become more successful. Just because I think there’s a bit more pressure and people are expecting a bit more from me.” “So what’s that fear?” “That I’m not going to deliver… that people aren’t going to enjoy it. That I’ll ruin their love for my songs by doing them live.”

What inspires me most about her, is despite her fears that she mentions, she just keeps moving forward.  She also seems very much at ease with herself, and confident in being that person.  Oh one day, how I hope I can do that with ease.

Adele Grammys 2012 - Via Allure


Heart Heroes – Paul Potts

This is the first in a weekly or maybe biweekly profile of “Heart Heroes,” people (men and women) who embody open-heartedness in a way that’s moved and inspired me.

The Paul Potts story is one I love.  I found this clip a few years ago, and I watch it from time to time when I need a little pick me up, or when I’m feeling the air rush out of my dreams, having hit another temporary roadblock.

He was a contestant on Britain’s Got Talent in 2007, and his audition brings me to tears each time I watch. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paul_Potts) A timid-looking man, he stands on stage a little apologetically and announces to the judges that he’ll be singing opera.  The judges share a few critical, knowing expressions before they cue him to begin.  You’re hoping against hope that he’s going to change their minds, and then he sings and you see a new person on stage.  You have to watch the clip below, I don’t think I can do it justice in recapping here…

What I love most is that no matter the fear, the anxiety, the self-doubt he may be feeling he holds on to his truth.  He owns it. It’s his dream to be an opera singer.  And you see it as he performs, it makes perfect sense.  Watching him live it on stage, and changing the minds of the doubtful judgest – you see yes, that is his truth.  Love this!

Pushing Past Fear (Heart Hero: JK Rowling)

It’s been more than a month since I’ve started this endeavor. Clearly I haven’t been posting too regularly yet.  I’m working my way there slowly, but surely. There’s part of me that’s afraid still to put it all out there and let anyone who might come by see all the scars, and wrinkles, and imperfections of who I am expressed in the words I put here.  The whole point though is to practice open-heartedness.  It’s not easy to open your heart out for all the contents to be examined.  However it feels so freeing to live with my heart open I can’t not.

For now, a video, one of my favorites, a commencement speech that JK Rowling gave at Harvard on “The Fringe Benefits of Failure.” It’s inspired me to take risks and let myself be who I am.

Enjoy! Let me know what you would do it you weren’t afraid of failure.