A Morning Run in San Francisco

SunriseWaking up at dawn, tying up my shoes, and running in the cold morning air was not what I wanted to be doing.  I climbed a small footbridge to get up to the running route where I was meeting a new friend.  At the top I turned around and the sky was lit up magenta and purple.  Suddenly it was all worth getting out of bed for.  I’m getting back to running after a long hiatus.  The San Francisco hills did my running in when I moved here a few years ago from the Midwest.

I forgot how strong I feel after running, the feeling that I’ve accomplished something, the greater appreciation I have for my body and what it can do, how my skin fits better, and the way I’m more okay during the day and able to go with the flow.  Exercise, I’m discovering, is critical to my recovery and is keeping my depression at bay better than anything else I’ve tried.

Building in ways to keep myself accountable is the only thing that works for me. Arranging a time to meet a friend for a run, getting a babysitter, whatever it takes so that there’s something else I’m on the hook for besides just running for myself.  I logged 14 miles last week.  Hopefully I’ll get in a few more this week!




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