California Waterfalls

As much as I miss Chicago in fall, I can’t complain about the spectacular show Northern California puts on this time of year.  In the forever fogged in San Francisco Bay Area, the clouds dissipate for a rare week or two and we get a last burst of sunshine for a late, warm indian summer.  Taking advantage of the clear weather H and I drove down the coast this past weekend to Big Sur, our first visit there.  We stayed with friends in a cabin nestled at the top of a remote ridge.  From the back porch all you could see was a forest descending in to the ocean.  It was bliss.

The best thing to do in Big Sur is hike. The forested cliffs overloooking the Pacific Ocean did not disappoint.  Here’s a glimpse of some of what we saw – this is McWay Waterfall in Monterey County.

McWay Falls at Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park (c) Open Hearted


Every Day is a Good Day

Every day is a good day.  I try to remember that as often as I can, but I usually only remember it on the really wonderful days or the really terrible days.  Thankfully today was a wonderful one.  I don’t know exactly what it is, but I feel like I hit my stride today.  I’ve found some level of acceptance with all of the physical changes brought about by the pregnancy – nonexistent energy, an increasingly round body, psychotic hormones, brain fog and more.  With a lot, a lot, a lot of mindful practice I’m doing a better job of staying in the moment too.  If I don’t, I get swept up in all of the uncertainty of not knowing what my life is going to be like in four months when our family of two becomes three.

I have to learn over and over again that worrying doesn’t actually accomplish anything.  I read somewhere (and ha! just remembered where) that worrying is meditating on a bad outcome.  My first thought was well of course. This simple way of framing worrying has changed things for me so much. It helped me get over it by seeing how much energy I pour into things not working out how I want them too.

I think the other big piece of feeling so good lately has been tapping back into gratitude.  I read this woman’s story the other day (be warned it had me in tears).  It’s a really powerful example of finding the gift in a really hard situation and tapping into the gratitude.  When I remember to be thankful, I remember that I have enough of everything I need, that I am enough just as I am. It helps everything.