Our New Place

We have a new place on a quiet street in Noe Valley.  I went running by it yesterday.  My favorite way to explore a new place is to walk or run and follow my nose wherever I feel like going.  I found a huge park that I had no idea existed, as well as these gorgeous sweeping views of the bay that are an easy 20 minute walk from my house.  I’ve lived here almost three years, and it was the first time I’d seen it.  I guess I have to admit that there are benefits to picking up your roots and stepping off of the path you wear in to the sidewalk of your day to day routine…

That was a little post I started back at the end of June, we’re now in the new house.  It’s definitely an adjustment.  It’s tiny and somewhat claustrophobia-inducing, but it’s definitely filled with more warmth and light.  It’s hard accepting that I don’t love it, but that it’s ours for now.  One year.  What a year it’s going to be.

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