Horsies with a Dash of Life Lessons Thrown In

My favorite boy

Nerd Alert: maybe it was the post about not having friends, or that I like organizing for fun… Well if neither of those tipped you off to the fact that I’m a huge dork, this will seal the deal. I love horses. I mean love, really, really, love horses and here is a giant picture to prove it. It’s an expensive addiction. My sane and wonderful husband is the only thing keeping me from selling all of my possessions and buying my favorite old boy Archie (pictured above) and living out of his stall, because I can’t afford my own home.

When you ride you form a connection between horse and rider, and it’s one of the most amazing feelings on the planet. I also discovered in the last year that riding is a direct metaphor for whatever else is happening in my life. It happens to a degree that is totally startling. During one horseback riding lesson I was petrified, so scared of doing the course set by my instructor that I totally botched it. On my second go around I focused on one thing I needed to improve instead of my fear. By making that subtle change and shifting my attention I went around and had a flawless round. Obvious lesson – when you let fear take over you fail, but if you can concentrate on the task at hand or some small part of it that doesn’t scare you quite so much you can overcome the fear and do a pretty damn good job.

Archie was out for a few months, a little sore and not able to work. He’s feeling much better and I’m so thrilled he’s back. We had one of the best rides of my life last Sunday. I’ll keep hoarding my pennies to keep riding as long as I can. It’s the best investment in my happiness I can think of. What’s yours?

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