Decluttering, Or Easing Into Action

I’ve been hit by spring cleaning. Well, that’s actually a lie.  I’m a complete and total freak and love spring cleaning.

When I feel overwhelmed about making any change in my life or taking action (sensing a theme here?) sometimes the only thing I can do is unclutter.  It seems like the most manageable task.  Something I can actually tackle.  So far I’ve got my inbox done – deleting most of the email subscriptions I signed up for.  Instead of being inspired by the content flowing to my finger tips each day I was beginning to feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of it.  I’m a bit obsessive compulsive and have to read every email I get.  Turns out it was making me a whole lot less productive…  Instead of an inspiration it was distraction.  I also deactivated my Facebook account.  (I don’t think we need any explanation on that one.  Though be warned it makes it a whole lot harder for friends to remember your birthdays.)

I also have a penchant for self -help books. It *might* be an addiction of sort.  I know I’ve hit my limits when I can’t access any original thoughts in my brain.  Instead all I have access to are euphemisms, famous quotes, mantras, affirmations, metaphors, meditations, breathing exercises.  They all get jumbled around together and turn into useless garbage, blundering around my head.  I piled up the towers of books to give away and held on only to those few gems I couldn’t live without.  Simplify.  Focus. Calm.  I’m already feeling so much better.  I have space in my head for my own thoughts.  I have moments on the train when I can let my imagination wander, keeping my cell phone in my purse instead of my hand.  This space always feels so good.

I’ve been talking about needing to take action, do something.  Fear has been holding me up.  I have to say decluttering is about the best first step you can take for any creative endeavor.  With the space I found in my head, my home, my heart, I left room for my intuition.  The funny thing is the action became more effortless.  Suddenly the next steps are right there in front of me.  I have to say, I’m really, really excited about most of them.  Guess what?  With enthusiasm, comes ease.

The magic spell:

Decluttering leads to space, which leads to calm, which lets intuition speak up, and voila.  The path is illuminated.

I love the saying “do without doing and everything gets done.” I guess some of those quotes are permanently programmed into my mind regardless of whether or not I kept the book it came from.  This is a good one though.

I have more decluttering on the agenda for the next few weeks – bookshelves, kitchen, bedroom, living room, study.  Here we go!

2 thoughts on “Decluttering, Or Easing Into Action

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