Getting It Done…

Go get shit done.” I should have this tatooed on my forehead.  I have such a hard time with just doing things.  I ponder, question, analyze, over analyze, reevaluate, think some more, and I’m lucky if I actually make one change or do one thing.  It’s a pretty good flipping day when I get anything done.  This quality has some advantages. I’m usually pretty prepared, have a back-up plan (or twelve), and really know all of  my options.  I mean really know them.

More often than not, I get paralyzed in thinking and never actually get to the doing part.  It’s a really big problem. So the post I linked to was a much needed kick in the pants.  Time for the doing of things… I’m clearing out some space, and instead of spending so much time and energy figuring out what I want to do, just winging it.  (I’m such a rebel, I know!)

I’m not talking about being aggressive or forceful with myself.  The truth is, if I stop and listen to my intuition for a minute, I know what needs to happen next.  Whether it’s with writing or improving my marriage or friendships, I know what to do.  When I let the self-doubt come in the procrastination takes hold.

Less (over) thinking, more doing.  Go do something.  Whether it’s attacking the pile of dishes in the sink, or finishing up a chapter in your novel. Do it, now.

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