I did it! Two Mondo Beyondo Dreams Accomplished

Well this post is a little over due.. but I have some celebrating to do!! I got to check off two really huge dreams off of my  http://www.mondobeyondo.org/ . (I have adding my Mondo Beyond list to the website on my check list of things to do. I’ll get a page up with the whole list, soon. Promise. ) It’s essentially a list of all of my biggest craziest dreams that I’d love to accomplish at some point in my life.  I created it during an online class I took, Mondo Beyondo taught by Andrea Scher and Jen Lemen, where the groundwork is laid to make this list, and begin acting.

I rush through transition so quickly.  This time I really wanted to let it sink in that I’ve accomplished two dreams.

Checking off:

– Quitting working in PR forever and always

– Working as a full-time writer

Woohooo.  It only took me five years following college to figure that your work needs to be something you enjoy, something you’re passionate about.  I took the time to do that, and I’m finally, finally moving towards it.  I quit my job at a PR agency and will never look back.  In the next few days I’ll start my newest endeavor working as a writer at a local non-profit organization.  Yeah! This is essentially two of my dreams jobs combined into one.  Can’t wait to see where this takes me.

Most importantly I need to remember that the baby steps are what got me here.  It was one random online job application.  The small things really do count.  I’ll work harder at doing that.

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