It took me forever to figure out what on earth I wanted to call this blog, or more importantly how to define for myself what it would be about. Open-Hearted technically defined means “candidly straightforward” or “responsive to an emotional appeal” ( Yes and yes to both of those things.

I got married a few short months ago, and I didn’t realize I had this long held expectation that I’d have everything figured out in my life when I got married. Well now I’m married. And I have very little figured out. I don’t think it’s realistic to ever have everything figured out in your life, but I at least wanted to have a better understanding of what I wanted in my life.

Thanks to a brilliant yoga instructor I had an awakening. At the end of one of our practices we had just finished savasana and she left all of the students with a wish, “Be true to the light of who you really are.” That was the moment when I began listening to the little ray of light in my heart. I’m not quite sure what it is yet. That was the day I felt something shift. I felt like my heart’s desires, or anything my heart was telling me was muted, shrouded in a layer of dirt and debris I’ve aquired over the 26 years I’ve been on this earth.

For me, open-hearted means listening to what your heart says, being open to all of the raw emotions that stream through it and living true to who you are, not who you’re supposed to be. Well, here we go, let’s see what happens.

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